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MINDSET LIFESKILS & COUNSELING SERVICES (MLCS) is established to help the clients refocus their attention and redirect their energy  while restructuring their thinking to be able to answer the question; WHAT SHOULD I DO?’ challenge the thinking ‘THERE ISNOTHING I CAN DO or I HAVE COME TO THE END!’ and help them see the alternative in the perception  THERE IS NO ANY OTHER OPTION!;’ so as to regain and restore themselves in the right path of their life;  While teaching and mentoring our children on how to safely interact with the contemporary social environment and training them on life skills like self discipline, self hygiene, care of environment, personal organization, time management, care and sustainable utilization of resources (both personal, family and public owned) including their personal effects, being good examples among many other life coping techniques.

The current generation consists of the biggest beneficiaries of civil liberties including but not limited to; women rights, children rights; gender equity and mainstreaming, the human rights and other freedoms. Born of post independence parents who grew at the time when social environment was transiting from traditional set up to modernity; with traditional family meetings being taken over by work mates and age mates meetings in clubs, where rural life was overtaken by city life, traditional food shamed by modern processed food, individual prosperity overtaking community universal well being, sacrifice and enchantments to the oracles of  god of visible natural specters in caves and forested shrines under some huge holly trees was swept away by splendid cathedrals, arched and long spired churches and mosques. Architectural mysteries and bewilderments which no shrine could outshine, equipped with organs and instrument that set aback the wearers of traditional musical regalia. It is the generation that has witnessed the dying away of traditional family gatherings.

The one that chose to settle in small town plots leaving the spacious rural land to ageing parents. In this generation some parents rarely know their children well since birth little time has been spent with them and one child could have been handled by over ten care givers which confuse the child when parents are not present for direction. It is the generation that underwent through school, read books and performed well but got little if any mentorship and training in life skills. It is the generation that has broken family ties as each struggle to make their life better and few if any; know of their extended family and even fewer maintain any meaningful relationship with the same. Although rights and freedoms have made life better, many find life hard due to lack of life coping techniques or occasioned by stressors in the society today. It’s during this generation that marriage break up is on the rise, cases of depression increasing each day while drugs, alcohol and both chemical and no chemical substances market can’t satisfy the demand as many abuse them in effort to quench some psychological cravings, a move that only makes their situation more dire.

It is today’s generation that marriage bed has been violated and defiled many times and extramarital relationship seen as normal, and new terms like ‘baby mama and baby daddy’ are the new entrants into our vocabulary pool. It is during this generation that death by suicide has increased and unrest in schools has escalated leading to loss of property and life. Horrible crimes of passion have been committed by lovers, who could not handle rejection and children abused by the trusted adults, who without qualms of conscious betray the child’s trust. The stress levels are very high and in search for comfort, many have turned to club and party life. Entertainment industry has grown but the problem remains and even grows bigger as every entertainment mood dies out. This has led to over indulgence and loss of resources while the problem could have been addressed through counseling. In search for identity, the youth of today have indulged in early unsafe sex, drugs and other immoral behaviors due to lack of mentorship and orientation.


The living space is congested. The technology has taken a toll on the children and the youth are misled through several uncensored content. Many have become addicts of television, computer and mobile phones. The level of technological intoxication in our society is very high and the environment itself very unfriendly to our children and is influencing them greatly, that if nothing is done today, in fifty years time we may have no people to be proud of.

And like the seed that fell by the thorns and struggled to grow and bring forth after its kind but without help by somebody to cut the thorns and free the seed, it got chocked and died a weak stock. Similarly, our children today are growing in such unfriendly environment, with few if any adults to trust, surrounded by technology which does not care about their understanding, social media and media with no regard to their feelings, drugs peddlers not concerned with their future but their interest for wealth, care givers who don’t care, a legal system keen on proving them wrong and punishing them without asking why, clergy interested in making money and finance their flashy lifestyles, sex parties and every other immoral behavior and a society that blame without mentoring. The today’s youth and children struggles are many. They are struggling and fighting through a very socially contaminated environment hence they require our help to navigate through.